Friday, September 11, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 26 Part 3

Carlton Haselrig is off the card. He was supposed to fight Gian Villante, but he suddenly realized he had very little talent and ability and Villante would've killed him, so Haselrig bailed. Carlos Brooks was scheduled to fight Lorenzo Hood, but Hood bailed as well, apparently having taken a fight elsewhere. Now it's time for Rhino Fight Team's Jose Sulsona and Bellmore Kickboxing's Ryan LaFlare. LaFlare tends to fight with about 110% pure aggression, which in this instance has him bullying Sulsona to the ground and all over him like white on rice. Sulsona has his moments, though, threatening with a few subs and a particularly close heelhook attempt. The round ends with LaFlare working to extend an arm for the armbar. Round 2 is more of the same, only this time LaFlare gets Sulsona's back and snags the armbar from there. The official time is 2:18 of the second round. Sean Santella of AMA FC and Jose Villanueva of TSMMA take to the cage next. This the third time these two have met, with Villanueva getting the decision when they were amateurs and their first pro pairing ending in a draw. Hopefully this bout will resolve it all, otherwise these men are perilously close to being considered married under current New Jersey statutes. Though pretty evenly matched, Santella has the edge in wrestling and Villanueva the edge in striking, and when Santella nearly lands a flying triangle the TSMMA fighter makes him pay with some hellacious ground and pound. Round 2 begins and Santella nails the lightning-fast takedown, moves to side-mount then transitions into an armbar - a flawless display of grappling that forces Villanueva to tap at the two-minute mark.

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