Friday, September 11, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 26 Part 5

Peak Submission's Allan Weickert enters the cage to take on Team Renzo's Raphael Natal. Originally, Sean Salmon was supposed to be facing Natal, but Salmon had the brilliant idea of admitting online that he threw his last fight (which was against Weickert), so karma has the Peak Submission rep doing the dance in his place. Anyoo, they swing bolos until Natal gets it to the ground, where he works onto Weickert's back, snakes his arm around Weickert's neck and elicits the tap at 2:53 of Round 1. Bellmore Kickboxing monster Gian Villante is up next, taking on last-minute replacement Rob Wince of the Hammer House (yes, Mark Coleman's Den of Wrestling Madness). Surprisingly, despite the short notice, Wince seems pretty capable, threatening with takedowns and willing to stand and trade. Villante controls him on the ground, threatening with a choke at one point, but it's by no means a rape. No, that comes in Round 2, when Villante catches Wince leaning in and puts him away with a high kick to the head. The official time of the knockout is 1:25 of the second round.

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