Friday, September 11, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 26 Part 4

The Armory's Ed Guedes takes to the cage to square off against Team Energy's John Salgado. Guedes has travelled all the way from Florida for this bout; meanwhile, Salgado has prepared himself by punching cars as they drive by on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The opening minutes have them trading punches and Guedes brings things to the ground with a takedown, where he eventually works into the mount and then back-mount. Time expires with Guedes dropping bombs from Salgado's back. Round 2 is almost an exact replay of Round 1 minus the stand-up exchanges, and sensing Salgado's inability to stop the takedown, Guedes keeps up with the same plan of action in the third. To his credit, Salgado is resilent and able to escape every submission attempt, but when time runs out there's no question Guedes has earned the unanimous decision. Bellmore Kickboxing stud "Crazy" Chris Schlesinger and Team Serra/Longo up-and-comer Nabih Barakat are up, a match-up of veteran against new blood. These guys waste no time mixing it up, clinching against the cage and trading knees until Barakat inadvertantly lands one in Schlesinger's jewels. A restart and Schlesinger nails the takedown, and for the rest of the round he does his best to punish his opponent below. Barakat gets taken down twice more in Round 2, and though he avoids most of the heat Crazy Chris is bringing, he can't muster much by way of offense. Round 3 sees Schlesinger slow from exhaustion, but he does manage an ankle pick, and with Barakat once more on his back, it's smooth sailing to Unanimous Decision Island for the Bellmore Kickboxing rep.

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