Friday, September 10, 2010

Liveblog: UCC 3 Part 3

Daniel Akinyemi is up, a vet of the Iron Ring.
His day job is paramedic, but in a fight he is king.
He can kick, he can punch, he's a beast on the mat.
We'll see if Rich Bianchi has trouble with that.
Bianchi goes down ugly. Good Lord, is he dead?
I can't see from this angle (plus there's a glare from ref Big Dan Miragliotta's bald head).
Oh yeah, it's over. Bianchi's bloody on the floor.
Akinyemi via TKO - and he looks ready for more.
Akinyemi is tough, and that ain't no jive.
He's a bad motherfucker at 185.
In the cage is Cliff Wattenberg, Dan Sensintaffar's his foe,
two welterweight newcomers whose skills I don't know.
The battle soon rages, first forth and then back.
If these two get tired, I will cut them some slack.
They're going at it hard like two warriors should.
I mean, it's not like they're scrubs. They're actually quite good.
Round 2 and Sensitaffar gets quickly taken down.
Wattenberg's game plan is to pound and then pound.
But Sensitaffar ain't playing, and on the feet he lands a hook.
Wattenberg is cut and bleeding, the docs need just one look.
It's over, a stoppage, Sensintaffar's the man.
Back to drawing board for Wattenberg, he needs a new plan.

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