Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 32 Part 3

Liam Kerrigan of Tong Dragon returns after a hard loss to Ed Guedes, and his foe is Evan Chmielski of Xtreme MMA. Kerrigan is like a runaway locomotive for this one, meeting Chmielski head on in an attempt to wrestle him to the ground. Though he winds up on bottom, the Tong Dragon rep slips on the omoplata, and when Chmielski defly work out of it, Kerrigan has the triangle locked tight. Chmielski goes to sleep at 1:51 of the first round. TSMMA's Mike Murray enters the cage to take on North Jersey MMA's Claudio Ledesma. Murray winds up on the bottom early, and though Ledesma lands some hard punches from above, the TSMMA bantamweight comes insanely close with a deep armbar and deep triangle. But Ledesma wisely stays out of submission range in Round 2, choosing instead to stand within Murray's guard and drop leather. Round 3 plays out in similar fashion, and though Murray manages to snake out onto Ledesma's back in the dying seconds of the fight, the North Jersey MMA rep escapes and takes the unanimous decision. AMA FC's Tim Troxell and MMA Institute's George Sheppard are now squaring off for a lightweight contest. These guys are content to strike and it's pretty even for about the first two and a half minutes. But Sheppard lands a right cross that stuns Troxell, and the ensuing follow up of fists has the ref stepping in at 2:33 or Round 1.

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