Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 32 Part 5

TSMMA boxing ace Munah Holland is up next, making her MMA debut against Kim Couture, formerly of the Las Vegas Coutures. Round 1 is spent with Holland pressing Couture against the fence, bloodying her with a short punch but not really dominating. They exchange a bit more in Round 2 when both grow more comfortable and confident, and Round 3 turns into a real slugfest - that is, until Couture fails a throw, which allows Holland to get on top and plaster her. Holland takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. Last bout and it's John Cholish of Team Renzo vs. Rich Moskowitz of Wai Kru for the ROC 155-pound belt (yes, the belt actually weighs 155 pounds). These guys are pretty evenly matched, as evidenced by each taking a turn on top in Round 1 to work their ground-and-pound mojo. Despite having to scramble out of some close guillotines, Cholish manages to edge ahead in Round 2 when he gets on top and let's loose with some fury. Cholish and Moskowitz let it all hang out in the home stretch, and after knocking each other silly, Cholish locks in the reverse-triangle at 3:05 of the round. Adios!

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