Saturday, October 23, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 32 Part 5

Marc Berrocal of BJJ Shore Academy and Rob Connor of MMA Institute are up next, Berrocal a pretty salty veteran and finalist when ROC did an eight-man tournament eons ago. Unfortunately, this night belongs to the young buck, as Connor shoulder-throws Berrocal to the canvas, gets on top, and when Berrocal gives up his back Connor sinks in the rear naked choke. The official time of the tap out is 2:10 of Round 1. Now it's time for Team Serra/Longo star precision striker Costa Philippou to take on Marcus Finch. Round 1 is a lot of wall-and-stall, with the only notable exchange ending with Finch land a hook that puts Philippou on his butt. Philippou can seem to stop kicking Finch in the junk, however, and when he does it in Round 2 Finch literally needs a break and a doctor consultation before he says he can't continue. It's ruled a no contest at 2:47 of Round 2.

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