Friday, April 8, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 35 Part 2

First bout of the evening and it's Anthony Facchini of Team Oliveira against Bellmore Kickboxing's Mike Benoit. After a brief hugging period against the cage, the Bellmore Kickboxing rep starts flexing his wrestling muscle with some double-leg love and a knuckle shower. But when Benoit goes for his second takedown he leaves his neck exposed - a fatal mistake that Facchini seizes upon. That tapout via guillotine comes at 3:04 of Round 1. Next up is Brian Smiley of Wreck Room and Donnie DeFilippis of BJJ Shore Academy. DeFilippis has apparently been studying his "Gracie in Action" tapes, as he does a textbook takedown-to-side control-to-back control-to-rear naked choke. Smiley taps at 1:52 of Round 1.

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