Friday, April 8, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 35 Part 6

With a ROC lightweight belt up for grabs, Tong Dragon's Liam Kerrigan and Pellegrino MMA's Justin Haskins square off. This one is all about Haskins' superior wrestling, which he uses to get Kerrigan down against the fence and rain down punches. He gets the TKO - and the belt - at 3:52 of Round 1. Next is a superfight between Ricardo Almeida student Chris Liguori and M-1 exponent Mikhail Malyutin. Rounds 1 and 2 are a boxing match, with both men content to chip away at each other and the Russian wobbling the American twice. Liguori adds some effective kicking into the mix in the third, but when time runs out Malyutin takes the split decision. Last bout and it's Gold Metal Grappling's Elijah Harshbarger and Pellegrino MMA's George Sullivan for the welterweight belt. Round 1 sees Harshbarger on Sullivan like white on rice, albeit a very aggression white on a dangerous grain of rice. Wrestlemania Harshbarger continues in Round 2, and in the final frame he affixes himself to Sullivan's back and stays there until the bell. Credit to Sullivan for surviving, but it's Unanimous Decision City, population Harshbarger. The end.

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