Friday, April 8, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 35 Part 4

The big boys are on deck, and it's Team Endgame's JA Dudley vs. Wilkie Warrior Joe Abouata. After seeing these two fight about eleventy-billion times, you kind of know what to expect. For Dudley, it's takedowns and ground-and-pound. For Abouata, it's weathering the storm and laying on the punishment late. Well, that's what we got this time, with the Team Endgame heavyweight putting out two rounds of punishment early and Abouata laying down the law in the final frame. Dudley takes the unanimous decision, but he's a bloody mess. Ricardo Almeida-trained Tom DeBlass takes to the cage to face Sean Salmon. DeBlass has been on fire lately, so this should be a good test. Yikes, this one's over in 57 seconds, with Salmon getting the takedown and DeBlass slapping on the figure-four toehold. Damn good showing.

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