Friday, April 8, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 35 Part 5

Xtreme MMA/ATT rep Evan Chmielski and BJJ Shore Academy fighter Ryan Vaccaro are up next. Hey, you want a nice, fast-paced fight? Chmielski and Vaccaro got you covered, as they mix it up in high-gear in what proves to be a pretty even pairing. The boxing advantage goes to Chmielski and the wrestling advantage goes to Vaccaro, but they capable at both, so Round 1 is tough to score. But Round 2 is made easy once Chmielski figures out Vaccaro's timing with his takedowns, as the Xtreme MMA rep blasts him with a knee right at the level-change. Vaccaro winds up stunned, and the ensuing leather lovin' has the ref stepping in at 3:35 of frame. Next: TSMMA middleweight monster Uriah Hall vs. Crazy 88 Muay Thai instructor Aung La Nsang. So what did Hall learn from his bout against Costa Phillipou? That his ground and pound is potent, apparently, 'cause he wastes no time using it to beat the stuffing out of his opponent in the first round. The second frame is a bit more competitive, with Nsang neutralizing things on the ground and the two trading kicks on the feet. But it's all over at 1:44 of the third, as Hall puts a well-timed right hand to Nsang's chin to score the knockout.

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