Friday, April 8, 2011

Liveblog: ROC 35 Part 3

Main card time, and first at bat is Bellmore Kickboxing's Tom English vs. Rhino Fight Team's Mike Prokop (who will herein be referred to as "Porkchop", as that what his fans call him. Why? Because when he bleeds, he bleeds applesauce.) Round 1 sees English get the takedown and get stifled in Porkchop's guard, while Porkchop returns the favor with a pair of takedowns and some top game of his own. Porkchop makes the most of the final round, though, working hard to get his foe down and nearly nailing the rear naked choke when time expires. He takes the unanimous decision. Mike LaDuke of Empire Martial Arts - total old schooler who used compete at Brian Cimins' Sportfighting back in the day - returns to face a very promising up-and-comer in Gracie Denville's Claudio Ledesma. Round 1 is so back-and-forth, the judge sitting next to me has tears in his eyes. Thankfully, Ledesma makes it easier in the second round, finding his groove with repeated takedowns and a rear naked choke of doom at 3:17. Admittedly, this was a tough comeback fight for LaDuke, so props to both men.

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