Thursday, May 22, 2014

Statement from New York Fight Exchange


The following was posted to Facebook by Mike Washington, one of the promoters of the New York City-based New York Fight Exchange:

For all those wondering what the New York Fight Exchange fighters have to go through and all the things we do alongside the World Kickboxing Association to ensure fighter safety before, during and after our events.

Before the event:
First fighters have to submit current blood work HIV, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, and Hepatitis C Antibody. Fighters also must be cleared by their physician after a full physical, doctor must sign off that the fighter is physically and mentally fit to compete in a mixed martial arts fight. NYFE submits all documentation to WKA for review and approval. WKA checks over submitted forms to ensure authenticity, check fighters status to insure all competitors are of amateur status and to ensure fair matchups.

At the event:
Fighters weigh in in front of WKA officials all at the same time the day before.
Fighters check in at the event with NYFE staff and WKA officials, they fill out additional paperwork and see 1 of 2 licensed physicians, both with combat sports experience, for another pre-fight physical.

Both doctors remain cage side during the event with a 3-member EMT crew with stretcher and emergency equipment ready to go. Ambulance is backed up to the building and ready to go in case of an emergency. (seconds can save lives)

After the fight:
All fighters are checked by physician in a post-fight checkup. If fighter needs additional attention a doctor will accompany them to dressing room for a more thorough checkup. Doctors make recommendations for aftercare and with the WKA will impose medical suspensions if needed.

These suspensions are posted on the WKA website as well as the results in a timely fashion. WKA shares there suspension list with the other sanctioning bodies and s.a.c.

New York Fight Exchange is very proud of what we have accomplished and are always looking for ways to increase fighter safety and fans experience. This is not a knock on any other promotion or sanctioning body, but I can only speak of what I know which is NYFE and WKA sanctioning.

I will tell you this, NYFE and several other New York promoters are doing it "the right way" to have great shows while keeping everyone as safe as possible. We have proven that MMA in New York is real and it can be done safely with the proper precautions and sanctioning. If your show doesn't require blood work I can't endorse it, sorry.

-Mike Washington

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