Thursday, May 22, 2014

Statement from Upstate New York Promotion Gladius Fights


Gladius Fights in Ryan Ciotoli's amateur MMA promotion in Upstate New York. Here's his response the Deadspin article, which he posted on Facebook:
It's too bad that this article lumps all of us in upstate NY with what happened in NYC, which I am sure it's only certain promotions down there that are not legitimate and don't follow a proper commission. I know for a fact that the ISKA and fellow promoters do the right thing and require the necessary medicals, provide doctors, provide EMTs, provide onsite ambulance, provide trained individuals (referees, judges, officials) for each event. We take the right precautions so articles like this don't come out. I have gotten messaged about this article all morning and it really doesn't sit well with me, especially when we have grown the sport in a positive way this past year. To all the fighters, coaches, promoters, ISKA members: Keep requiring and maintaining high standards for ourselves because we have a lot of commissions and people against what we are doing. If they took a second to see what we have done and accomplished as a community they would realize the positive impact that we have had on NY MMA. The NY MMA scene (ISKA Sanctioned Events) is organized and strong: Not a mess, like the article states.

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