Friday, September 24, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 31 Part 2

First bout of the evening and it's Chris Wing of Wing's MMA and Yusef Yoldas of Eagle Martial Arts. Wing had an impressive pro debut at the last ROC, so we'll see if he can build on that momentum. And... Wing scores another KO, this time with a left hand that drops Yoldas like a sack of potatoes. Very nicely done. Next is Evan Chmielski of Miletich Fighting Systems against Team Serra/Longo's Ryan Castillo. The story of Round 1 is Castillo threatening with a standing guillotine and utilizing a leglock attempt to gain top position, and Chmielski scoring with some ground and pound. Round 2 plays out in similar fashion, only this time Castillo threatens from the bottom with triangles. As each fighter has won a round, a third round is needed (ROC prelims are two rounds unless it's a draw), and the Serra/Longo rep makes the most of it by scoring more on the feet and cranking an arm-in guillotine at the bell. The split decision goes to Chmielski though, no doubt based on his ability to take Castillo at will. Light-heavyweights Scott Fairlamb of AMA and Mike Andrillo of Bellmore Kickboxing enter the cage, and Andrillo looks like he fought Conan the Barbarian when Conan was first starting out. The opening frame is all about Andrillo working hard to get it to the ground to drop some fistic loving and Fairlamb opening up a cut above his eye with, I don't know, something. Maybe raw meaness. Things go much better for Andrillo in the second round, as he gets Fairlamb down, snakes his arms around the AMA rep's neck, and sinks a bout-ending guillotine. The official time of the tap out is 1:33.

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