Friday, September 24, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 31 Part 4

It's time for Pellegrino MMA's George Sullivan and TaiKai's James Frier. Sullivan has always been a killer with his kicks and knees, and this bout just illustrates that, as he dodges Frier's attempts to make this into a ground war and instead knees the stuffing out of Frier. Literally. There's cotton and stuff everywhere, and the doctors have to gather it up and put it back into Frier's body. The official time of the TKO is 2:24 of Round 1. Next: Jacob Kirwan of Team Kirwan vs. Marcos Pereira of Premier Martial Arts (ie. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro's NYC school). As expected, Round 1 plays out like a jiu-jitsu clinic, with the Brazilian taking Kirwan down and working him over from top position for the duration. Kirwan gets a few good licks in for Round 2, though, keeping the ghost of Helio Gracie at bay with an effective guard and more confident striking. If Kirwan knew how to finish an arm-in guillotine he could very well have ended Round 3 early on. But he didn't, and once again the jiu-jitsu takes over. Pereira takes the unanimous decision.

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