Friday, September 24, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 31 Part 5

Two veterans take to the cage in the form of Doug Gordon of Team Rush and Rich Ashkar of Jersey Shore BJJ in a rematch of a bout they fought about 13 years ago. Ashkar won the last one with superior wrestling, and though Gordon avoids the takedown for about 2/3 of the first round, it soon becomes apparent Ashkar still has that edge. However, Gordon is still the superior boxer, and he bloodies Ashkar when they stand and engage in a shootout. The Jersey Shore BJJ fighter keeps up with the takedows, and when the bell sounds on the second round he's got a triangle cinched. They're both exhausted by Round 3, and though they both have their moments with reversals and sub attempts, when time runs out Ashkar takes the unanimous decision. Joe Aviles of Jungle Gym and AMA's Mike Medrano are up next. The vast majority of Round 1 is spent with these two picking their punches on the feet, with the only real scoring done by Medrano when he gets Aviles down and lands some leather. Round 2 looks to be more of the same - until Aviles leaps into the air and lands a flying knee. Medrano is out cold, and the time of the KO is :52.

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