Friday, September 24, 2010

Liveblog: ROC 31 Part 6

Title fight time, and it's MMA Institute's Jessie Riggleman vs. TSMMA's Louis Gaudinot (yes, he of the green hair) for the flyweight crown. True to form, Riggleman takes Gaudinot down and is on him like glue, dropping bombs wherever possible and doing his best to keep the TSMMA rep off his feet. But all it takes is one opening, and when Riggleman leaves his neck exposed Gaudinot jumps into a tight guillotine. Riggleman taps seconds later at 4:43 of Round 1, and Gaudinot is the new ROC flyweight champ. The vacant lightweight belt is on the line next, and Gold Team's Luiz Azeredo and K Dojo's Mikhaeil Malyutin are scrapping for it. Round 1 is an exercise on Azeredo's kickboxing superiority - until he slips on a banana peel (or something) and winds up on his back for a bit. Emboldened by this, Malyutin out-strikes Azerdo in the second round, and his insistence on scoring more frequently with his kicks and punches has Azeredo trying his luck on the ground. Malyutin more or less escapes it all, and takes the unanimous decision. Last bout and it's TSMMA's Uriah Hall against Serra/Longo Chris Weidman for the ROC middleweight title. This one is a shocker, as Weidman actually stalks the deadly Hall on the feet, and stuns the TSMMA rep with a punch that sends Hall to the canvas. Weidman keeps up with the fury, and ref Big Dan steps in at 3:06 of Round 1 for the TKO stoppage. And I'm out.

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